About us

About us

Technical translation of brochures, instructions and user manuals


Our experienced translators specialise in translating literature accompanying all manner of electronic and electrical goods and products. From software programmes to all appliances user manuals - our speciality is technical translation. We place special importance on the precise translation of terminology and definitions.

A precise and exacting translation is of the utmost importance to us as we know all too well that even the most minor error, inaccuracy or the use of the wrong terminology could result in customers using the product incorrectly with potentially disastrous consequences. There is no room in technical translation for interpretations - the translation must be precise, clear and intelligible to the average customer.

Each of our translators specialises in a particular area. Whatever your document is about - electronic devices, electrical appliances, engineering, graphics and so on − we choose the right translator for your project. So however technical or specialised your material, you can be confident that every detail and nuance will be preserved. Creating intelligible and clear texts in the target language would be unattainable without such expertise - therefore most of our technical translators' background and education is in the very same subject area of the original material.

Here at Dror Technical Translations we provide you with translation services covering a wide variety of subjects and topics enabling us to deliver a comprehensive service of technical documentation, marketing and promotional publications etc.

About us:

Dror Technical Translations, founded in Tel Aviv has over 20 year of specialised experience in technical translation of user manuals, brochures and other promotional material for products such as cameras, fax machines, all-in-one and integrated appliances, domestic electrical appliances, all manner of electronic devices and general technical specifications.


Translation and Production:

All our translation projects are carried out by professional translators specialising in a variety of technical sectors so that the final texts are as accurate and faithful to the original texts and can be presented in sizes A6, A5 and A4.

Although our translation mainstay is within the Israeli market, we offer full translation services from Hebrew into English by an experienced, UK based translator.

Our Hebrew to English translation services have included legal and court documents - mostly involving insurance claims against various international manufacturers - these are usually accompanied by translations of reports by specialists fire investigators as well as loss adjusters and assessors, psychologists' evaluation reports etc.

We also translate academic dissertations, short literary pieces and some new-age musings and entire websites.

We specialise in the technical translation of the following types of documentation:

User guides and manuals for industrial and domestic appliances and equipment.

Software localisation

Technical documents

Maintenance and upkeep manuals

Project and training documents and literature

End user instruction brochures - we have extensive experience in translating user manuals and instruction guides for the following types of electrical and electronic devices and equipment:

o Mobile / cellular phones, desktop phones, cordless phones etc.

o Digital cameras, reflex cameras [SLR], camcorders - standard and digital

o TV systems, LCD screens, plasma screens [PDP], DVD, VHS and laserdisc players.

o Vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dish washers, tumble driers

o Stereo systems, compact disc systems and VHS and CD players

o Fridges and freezers

o Air conditioning units


Editing, proof-reading and writing services: We provide proofreading, editing and writing services of technical and marketing material

Some of our clients include:

Newpan Ltd. - Importer of Toshiba, De'Longhi, Chromex, Haier and more

Karat Israel - importer of Canon and Pentax cameras etc.

Mini-Line Ltd. - importer of Electrolux, King, Frigidaire and more.

Semicom Lexis Ltd. - importer of some of Samsung's products, Hyundai etc.

Samline Ltd. - importer and distributor of Samsung products in Israel

Ralco Ltd. - importers of Zanussi and Sharp appliances

Klinton International Trade 2000 Ltd: - importers of Alcatel-Lucent, TEKA, Normande etc.

ISFAR Home Tech Ltd. - importer of Sony, Lenco, Grätz and more.


A. Sabittani & Sons Ltd. - importers of LG and more

And many more in the electronics and electrical appliances sector


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